I am Fiona Frew and am an artist and designer currently living and working in Rotorua, New Zealand. 

Growing up in New Zealand meant having a close relationship with nature and the natural environment, taking for granted the availability of clean drinking water in the waterways and not understanding the impact of humans on our planet. With a growing awareness of the impact that each of us make on our local and international environment, I have become more aware of how my creativity can be used in a positive way to enable myself and others make better choices. 

All of my work contains elements of found objects that are re-designed and re-purposed into items that are beautiful and functional. My studio based practice endeavours to create a little waste as possible and follow environmentally and ethically based approaches to the production of the handmade jewellery and art. 

Through making small choices about my own consumer habits I am able to make small changes that have large impact for the environment that we all share today and forever. 

I look forward to having you be a part of this journey with me and my team. 


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